Meet a Co-Liv Member: Shruti Merchant

Founder and CEO of HubHaus

By David Grasso


Dear Co-Living Colleagues,

By Claire Flurin

Featured Member: Josh Martin of Outsite

Like many of his peers in the co-living sector, Bay-area native Josh Martin once worked at a traditional company and dreamed of pursuing a…

By David Grasso

Featured Member: Julianne Becker of Coconat

Like many co-living operators, Julianne Becker is a nomad who has wandered far from her roots and made herself a home in a newly adopted…

By David Grasso

HOMY’s Co-Living Research Reveals Market Trends in Shared Living

Co-living is catching on in a wide range of markets around the world, as people young and old turn to shared living for a variety of…

By David Grasso

Norn: Building Multicultural Communities Inspired By Academic Research

Norn is helping build communities and spur thoughtful conversations in cultural hubs around the globe. While co-living is a part of what…

By David Grasso

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